Laura and Jack
Trafalgar Park
"This is wonderful, thank you so much- we just love it! It's brought back so many lovely memories of the day, I can't stop watching it!"

Clemmie and Greg
Shell Bay
"We love it so much!! I remembered that the day was amazing but the video really reminded me of just how amazing it was!"

Catherine and Darren
Walcot Hall
"We love it :-) You have done such a good job! It was like being there all over again! Thank you so much!"

Amanada and Toby
Italian Villa
"We absolutely love the video, it is perfect and really captures the day."

Kim and Adam
Tunnels Beaches
"Kim and I are in awe of your work, there's clearly a lot going on and you've really managed to capture the feeling of the day. It's so good!!"

Lauren and Jason
Rivervale Barn
" AMAZING! I am certain that the wedding short you have produced for us is one of the most important and essential purchases that we will ever make."

Danni and Ian
Italian Villa
"Alex, we absolutely LOVE it. We've watched it 4 times over this morning already, would've been more if we didn't have to go to work :-))"

Sam and Jon
Parley Manor
"OMG......We can not thank you enough .... It is incredible!"

Alice and Rik
The Old Vicarage
"Thank you so much, it’s absolutely beautiful, you captured the day perfectly!"

Jada and Simon
Northbrook Park wedding video
"Thank you so much, it’s absolutely beautiful, you captured the day perfectly!"

Tor and Henry
Conbury Park, Oxford wedding video
"This is amazing, so emotional!!!! It is beautifully put together and shot..Just stunning!! THANK YOU"

Katie and Tom
South Farm wedding video
"This is just amazing - Katie and I have both been in tears this afternoon watching this back! Thank you so much!"

Hannah and Matt
Brympton D'Evercy, Somerset
"WOW! We love it, you were spot on with the music, it really works well. You've managed to capture the day perfectly, and that's only the short edit!"

Jolene and Ben
Lains Barn, oxfordshire wedding video
"Can't believe how clear the audio is or how you managed to get different camera angles.You were so unobstrusive on the day,I don't remember there being any cameras at all!"

Carly and Dave
Festival inspired wedding, Beaminster
"ITS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! We love it!!! And we love the Song!!! we couldnt of asked for anything more!! "

Sian and Lee
Gate Street Barn wedding video, Guildford
"Oh Alex!!! This is just beautiful!! I've cried all over again!."

Victoria and Nathan
Lulworth Castle wedding video
"Wow Alex! Just watched the video... Think you've done an amazing job.. Thank you so much... "

Charo and Mike
Bournemouth beach wedding video
"Mike and I love the trailer, brought us right back to the day itself, like it was yesterday!"

Lucy and Tom
Priston Mill wedding video, Bath
"It's fab! We absolutely love how it fits together, and the mix of speech and readings is wicked! "

Ying and Hong
Highcliffe Castle, Dorset wedding video
"Thanks for this beautiful video. Beautiful finishing! We absoutely love it. We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to you for all you hard work."

Jillie and Luke
Lulworth Castle
"Words can't express how beautifully put together our montage is, it's timeless, a real life movie of our fairy tale.."

Nina and David
Avington Park
"We just watched the edits and we love it!!! Thank you so much its amazing to have such a lovely record of the whole day. I don't think we'll ever tire of watching it."

Sherree and Richard
Buckland tout-saints, devon wedding video
"Fabulous Alex - well done! We loved it. "

Jane and James
Rhinefield house hampshire wedding video
"Thanks so much for capturing our day so beautifully. Its such a wonderful memory to have and you've got it just perfect! "

Kim and Ali
St Audries Park, Somerset
"It's perfect thank you so much!! I've cried more watching the video than at the actual wedding ha! Thank you :-)"

Laura and Vish
Athelhampton House
"It's sooooo lovely! We love it! I've shared the highlights video on facebook and we've had so many lovely comments about how beautifully it's been put together"

Nicola and Wesley
Syon Park, London
"Omg!! We just watched the highlights edit aaaaand I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH IT!! It's stunning!! you've captured everything so well!! and you've captured how much in love we are!!"

Jake and Hayley
Kingston Country Courtyard
"Dude! That is sensational!! Thank you so much! That just made Hayley cry. And not much makes her cry ha!! Thank you so much. it's simply incredible."

Faye and Rob
Parley Manor
"We absolutely love the DVD, its amazing, so glad we decided to go for it in the end, it brought back so many memories and the quality was amazing too."

Sian and Martin
Tracey Park
"It is absolutely everything we were hoping for and more! You've captured the magic of the day, the charm of our church and venue and the joy and merriment of our guests to a complete tee!"

Ben and Laura
Mortons House Hotel
"I honestly don't know where to begin..... it's perfect"