For 2019-2020 we are keeping it simple with just one price.

We charge £1750, for this you will get:

- All day documentary filming with Alex, including coverage from preparations in the morning to a short while after the first dance (10pm latest).
- A mini film - a 5-8 minute highlight edit capturing the emotion and fun of your unique day, delivered first before the longer edit.
- A full length documentary edit which includes the ceremony and speeches in full, and everything else in between creatively cut into an engaging film of the day.
- 4k resolution file downloads
- Pre-wedding meeting (within reasonable distance).

Enhance your coverage and film package with these popular Extras

- Teaser trailer 1-2 minute film, delivered 3 weeks after the wedding £150
- Filming late into the evening party £ 250
- Additional videographer for filming both preparations £ 225
- Aerial drone filming from £400
- DVD/Blu-Ray copies £ 100

Additional travel and accommodation charges may apply depending on where the wedding is and what time filming starts.


You're not local to me, do you travel?

Yes I travel all over the UK to weddings. An additional fee will apply, but I try to keep it reasonable just to cover the extra incurred costs on our behalf.

How do we book you?

A completed online booking form and a £395 reservation fee. This fee is non-refundable after booking.

Can we choose the music you use to edit with?

Not for the short highlights edit - we purchase licensed music so you can share it online with friends and family. We are always keen to get couples input for soundtracks for the editing of the long film though.